The Department of Labor recently announced new minimum wage rates, called Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWRs), that employers must offer and pay, at the time work is performed, to nonimmigrant H-2A workers and workers in corresponding employment beginning on the effective date of the new wage rates. To see the new hourly AEWRs for non-range occupations (effective January 1, 2023) and the national monthly AEWR for herding or production of livestock work on the range (effective January 1, 2023), please visit:

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Farm Workers and Laborers

Jim Suber Farms Petition #2

Pittsboro, MS

$12.45 per hour


Recruitment Information

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Job Description

Full Time:
Number of Workers Requested:
Job Duties:
Clearing ground of rocks, sticks & roots by hand, clear brush and trees with chain saw. General Field & Fence Maintenance: Use wood to build and repair boxes for digger. Manually weeding fields by hand or using hand tools. May drive tractor while pulling mechanical transplanter and implements including: hipper disk, dual, chisel plow, bush hog and any other equipment related to planting, cultivating and harvesting sweet potatoes. Participate in irrigation activities. Set up, operate, and repair irrigation systems. Drain water from fields with hand tools and shovel when needed. The workers may use or operate the following tools and equipment: skid loader, planter, digger, forklift, nail gun, power washer, drill, hoes, shovels, sickle cutter. Planting Sweet Potatoes- Covering potatoes with plastic. Cut slips by hand with knife, place in boxes to load & unload onto trucks. Dig potato slips. Walk behind potato transplanter and fill in slips by hand. Riding mechanical transplanter and loading slips in planting cups. Divining plants by hand. Workers may be asked to do welding and torch work when needed. Harvesting Sweet Potatoes: Use of mechanical digging equipment to dig potatoes. May harvest sweet potatoes by hand with use of buckets. Must be able to sort, grade & pack potatoes by size quality or type. Load and unload boxes on trucks trailers or sweet potatoes harvesters. Repair, maintain and clean all hand tools and mechanical equipment prior to and after use. Build or repair barns or potato shed. Workers may be asked to operate tractor pulling mechanical digger. May also operate skid loader to load and unload trucks and trailers. *Safety training for use of farm equipment and tractors will be provided. May transport workers to fields and grocery store. Raises and bonuses may be offered to any seasonal worker, at the employer’s discretion, based on individual factors including but not limited to, performance, experience, number of hours worked in the season, number of seasons worked with the company, adherence to work rules & ability to follow supervisor instructions.
Job Classification:
45-2092.00 - Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse

The job/industry classification and description includes general information on the position from ONET/OES and the North American Industry Classification System. Please review Job Duties and Job Order for more information.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:
Months of Experience Required:
Special Requirements:
Must be 18 years or older. The company may conduct criminal background checks. Three months experience needed in hand cutting slips and use of mechanical transplanter and mechanical diggers, sorting and grading sweet potatoes. Valid drivers license required. All tools, supplies, and equipment will be provided at no cost to workers. Workers will perform assigned duties as instructed by their supervisor. The lifting requirement is 5-60 lbs. Must be able to work with minimum supervision. The ability of an employee to safely operate machinery will be left to the discretion of management. To ensure the safety of all employees, those interested in operating machinery must be able to communicate with and adequately follow instructions given by management. Management reserves the right to restrict employees from operational duties who do not show proficiency to effectively communicate with management and may therefore place other employees safety at risk.
Number of Hours Per Week:
Work Schedule (Start/End time):
7:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:
Jim Suber Farms Petition #2
Calhoun City, MS 38916
Telephone Number:


CR 400 & CR 107, Pittsboro, MS 38951

Job Order Details

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