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Greenhouse Worker

Maroa Farms Inc.

Coldwater, MI

$15.37 per hour


Recruitment Information

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Job Description

Full Time:
Number of Workers Requested:
Job Duties:
. Crops/Commodities: tomatoes. Jobs offered are working in a hydroponic greenhouse facility planting, cultivating, harvesting tomatoes. The following applies to all crops listed: - Tomatoes on the Vine - Cherry Tomatoes on the vine - Beefsteak Tomatoes - Grape Tomatoes -Cocktail Tomatoes - Other Snacking Tomatoes - Other mitigation crops and potential trial crops, as needed Under supervision, workers will perform manual labor to work in hydroponic greenhouse facility to prepare for new crop, perform regular crop maintenance , including lowering, de-leafing, harvesting and maintaining the plants. Workers will set up rockwool/peatmoss, load and unload new plants onto and off of trucks and/or carts, hang and remove string and plant wire spacing. Scout for pestsMaintain all grounds including gutters, irrigation lines, remove and replace old drippers, scout and maintain botrytis and close bee hives. Set up and clean up CMM machines and operate forklifts. The workers will ensure that the plant crop is carried out efficiently and with care in order to produce a quality grown vegetable. Proper use of gloves, hairnets, smocks, shoe covers, hand sanitizers, foot baths and clippers is required. All food safety activities will also fall under the responsibility of this job order both inside and outside the greenhouse to ensure adherence to SQF rules and regulations as well as our strict integrated pest management program and all COVID-19 protocols. Other general agricultural labor duties as may be assigned from time to time. Workers will be working under the direction of the Labor Manager, Head Grower, Crop Supervisor or an experienced Group Leader. Workers will receive training on Maroa Farms, Inc. policies with which they must comply including Equal Employment Opportunity policies, MIOSHA and Food and Health safety standards and guidelines, FMLA and worker’s compensation leave policies and other standard operating procedures, around the time work commences. Workers must attend an orientation session to review and train accordingly. Workers will be issued an identification badge and timekeeping wristband at no cost. Instructions on use and care of both will be provided in orientation. The employer retains ownership of the timekeeping wristband and ID badge. Both items must be returned to the employer upon termination of employment. Employer is a drug and alcohol free workplace. While the employer does not require prospective applicants to take and pass a drug test prior to a hiring decision, the employer has a no-exceptions drug policy requiring newly-hired employees to take and pass an employer-paid drug test. Every new hire must undergo testing before starting work with the company. All testing is conducted uniformly after an initial job offer has been extended and accepted by the new hire. If an employee tests positive, he/she is immediately terminated and paid for all hours worked between the first date of employment and the date of termination, if any.
Job Classification:
45-2092.00 - Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse

The job/industry classification and description includes general information on the position from ONET/OES and the North American Industry Classification System. Please review Job Duties and Job Order for more information.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:
Special Requirements:
Jobs offered are working in a hydroponic greenhouse facility planting, cultivating, harvesting tomatoes. Saturday work required. Must lift/bend/twist/carry up to 30 lbs. Post-hire employer-paid drug testing and background check required. Workers need to have no fear of bees and be non-allergic to bee stings.
Number of Hours Per Week:
Work Schedule (Start/End time):
7:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:
Maroa Farms Inc.
Coldwater, MI 49036
Telephone Number:


270 N. Fillmore Rd, Coldwater, MI 49036

Job Order Details

ETA Case Number:
Multiple Worksites:
Additional Wage Information:
See Addendum A for complete Piece Rate schedule.
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