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Nursery Worker

Cherrylake Inc.

Groveland, FL

$12.41 per hour


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Job Description

Full Time:
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Job Duties:
Crops/Commodities: trees, shrubs, palms. All tasks in this job description constitute one (1) job; the employer may assign workers to different tasks on any day or to multiple tasks during the same day in the sole judgment of the employer. Instructions and overall supervision and direction of workers will be provided by a Team Leader/Supervisor. Employees must perform the assigned work, and may not perform duties not included herein or work in areas not assigned without the specific authorization of the Team Leader/Supervisor. Workers must communicate potential problems to immediate Team Leader/Supervisor for resolution and keep Team Leader/Supervisor informed of issues and challenges. Workers hired pursuant to this labor certification must be able to comprehend and follow instructions of a Team Leader/Supervisor and communicate effectively. Unusual, complex or non-routine activities will be supervised. Workers will be expected to perform basic duties in a timely and proficient manner without close supervision. SMALL CONTAINER SHIFTING: Workers will perform manual and/or machine tasks associated with the propagation of 1 to 7 gallon container production of trees and shrubs. Tasks for small container shifting of nursery stock will include some combination of the following: fill 1 to 7 gallon containers or trays with soil in preparation for new plantings; pull long pieces of ‘poly' (plastic hose) to straighten kinks or bends and secure tightly by pushing hose-end anchoring stakes into ground for each row; fill plant trays; prepare fields/sections for planting by consolidating plant material in sections to allow space for new plantings, prepping, cleaning, dumping, removing weeds and debris; plant seedlings or ‘liners' by hand (including riding and inserting liners in a mechanical planter); plant ‘liners' into containers; dig or transplant bare-root and container-grown nursery stock; follow up on recently planted sections to accommodate for special water needs; weed in shade houses as needed; load and unload containers onto trailers, sections and beds; conduct repair work to sections by removing or replacing ground covers, metal rings, etc. for new sections and existing sections, filling holes and all other tasks associated with shifting/transplanting of container trees and shrubs. SMALL CONTAINER TREE MAINTENANCE: Workers will perform manual and/or machine tasks associated with the cultivation and maintenance of 1 to 7 gallon container production of trees and shrubs. Tasks for small container tree maintenance will include some combination of the following: tree and shrub maintenance; prune trees correctly by applying techniques based on species tree type; stake trees with bamboo or metal using proper protocols; lift and straighten small container trees; apply topdress fertilizer to containers; maintain and clean sections: remove leaf litter and trash, remove weeds and debris; LARGE CONTAINER SHIFTING: Workers will pot (shift) trees; set up holding systems, straighten and align holding system to tree, consolidate, tree stand up and dump. Worker will be trained to know the basic difference of plant identification and container size, proper methods of planting a tree from one size container to a larger container size, moving trees from one location to another, moving cull trees to dump and standing trees up after a major wind event. Following safety rules is a critical part of the job. Workers will plant 15 gallon trees or larger from the original container to a larger container size; set up tree-holding systems such as ropes, trellis, rebar and pipes for the new trees; lift and straighten various size container trees from 15 gallon to 1400 gallon using mechanized equipment. During the shifting process, the new trees are straightened, set into the holding system by a collar, fertilizer is applied and the tree is watered in.
Job Classification:
45-2092.00 - Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse

The job/industry classification and description includes general information on the position from ONET/OES and the North American Industry Classification System. Please review Job Duties and Job Order for more information.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:
Months of Experience Required:
Special Requirements:
This job requires a minimum of one month of prior experience working in a nursery or tree farm, in cultivation/harvesting and/or installation of commercial plant material, handling both manual and machine tasks associated with commodity production and harvest activities. Applicants must be able to furnish verbal or written statement establishing relevant prior work experience. Saturday work required. Must be able to lift/carry 60 lbs. Employer-paid post-hire drug testing is required. Employer-paid post-hire background check required.
Number of Hours Per Week:
Work Schedule (Start/End time):
7:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Employer Information

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Cherrylake Inc.
Groveland, FL 34736
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7836 Cherry Lake Road, Groveland, FL 34736

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