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Equipment Operator

Atkinson Produce

Mullins, SC

$15.00 per hour


Recruitment Information

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Job Description

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Job Duties:
Ag Equipment operator description The agricultural equipment operator position includes duties associated with the planting, cultivation, harvesting of agricultural commodities. This work can require standing, walking, stooping, bending, and lifting up to 70 pounds for long periods of time outdoors in all weather conditions. This work requires adherence to important food safety and quality standard operating procedures and the ability to work quickly and consistently alongside fellow workers with a positive, professional, team based attitude and a consideration for the safety and health of fellow workers and of the consumers who will purchase the crops grown, harvested, and shipped from the farm. Workers must use care when performing their farm work duties and exercise consciousness. Workers must adhere to all safety rules as instructed by their supervisors and all farm work operations must meet the standards and specifications given by the employer. Workers will be instructed in the safety and operation of the vehicle/equipment before operating. All vehicles should be driven in a manner to protect workers, in-field crops, and equipment. Operators should ensure all equipment is functioning correctly before operating. The use of all necessary PPE and safety equipment including wearing of seatbelt at all times when operating farm equipment is mandatory. Vehicles that workers may operate include: all farm equipment such as tractors, combines, grain carts, cotton pickers, peanut diggers, peanut combines, peanut carts, hay rakes, tedders, hay balers, tobacco harvesters, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, mowers, skid steers, trucks and semi's. Drivers license is required. Workers may assist with the repair, service, and maintenance of farm equipment including the prep, cleaning, lubrication, assembly, inspection, dismantling of equipment parts. Harvested grain is driven by tractors and attached grain carts unloaded at the grain bins and elevator for storage. Operators at the storage bins monitor the synchronized flow of grain from the dump pit conveyor up the bucket elevator discharged to various chain conveyors carried over and released into t he grain storage bins. During harvest the combine operator makes necessary adjustments to combine and header to enhance the quality and volume of product produced. Adjustments such as ground speed, header height control, reel speed, threshing concave settings, etc. Grain cart operators transport grain from the combine to trucks and load trucks with the required amount of grain. Cotton picker operators must monitor machine performance, service the machine when necessary and may be required to move round modules from the field with a round module mover or forks and load onto transport trucks. Peanut operators will dig peanuts using peanut diggers, lift vines with a vine lifter, and thrash peanuts using peanut combines. Daily maintenance is required of these machines including lubrication and blowing of dirt and dust with an air compressor. Tobacco duties to include operating harvester (open station), pulling tractors, operating leaf loader, pinning boxes. Haying and cattle requirements include mowing hay, tedding hay, raking hay, baling hay, transporting hay bales using front end loaders and trucks, moving and working livestock, mowing and spraying pastures. Workers may be required to do various field work including disking, ripping, bedding, harrowing moldboard plowing, cultivating, land levelling/forming. Workers will operate and maintain harvesters and balers. Duties includes, loading harvester with pallets, transferring crops to loading areas and transferring trucks and pallets to harvest areas. Workers will operate, maintain and clean tractor, taking care to remove all debris. Workers will operate, maintain and clean forklift, tractor with various implements and self-propelled sprayer. Workers must have a working knowledge of various GPS systems.
Job Classification:
45-2091.00 - Agricultural Equipment Operators

The job/industry classification and description includes general information on the position from ONET/OES and the North American Industry Classification System. Please review Job Duties and Job Order for more information.

Job Requirements

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Work Schedule (Start/End time):
7:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Employer Information

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Atkinson Produce
Mullins, SC 29574
Telephone Number:


hewitt road, Mullins, SC 29574

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