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Amusement & Recreation Attendant – Food Concessions

Phills Concessions

Atlanta, GA

$11.42-$11.65 per hour


Recruitment Information

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Job Description

Full Time:
Number of Workers Requested:
Job Duties:
Perform variety of attending duties at traveling carnival. Set up, tear-down, operate amusement food concessions. The OFLC ETA requested detail on specific portions of these job duties. Food Concessions set up & tear down: Mobile food concessions are typically mounted in a trailer. A supervisor would position the trailer(s) at a specific location on the grounds, unhitch the power unit from the trailer. The awnings covering the windows during transit would be raised & secured. Items such as trash cans, screens, tables that may be positioned outside of the trailer but carried inside of the trailer during transit would be manually moved from inside the trailer to outside. Trailer would be cleaned, sanitized & stocked with supplies for the event. Any counters, guidance railings, signage, decorations would be positioned outside of the trailer. Condiment dispensers, napkin dispensers & trash containers would be set up outside of the trailer. Typically the fair or event maintains the tables & chairs for patrons, but is some instances the worker may set up a limited number of chairs & tables for patron use. Teardown would simply be these duties being handled in the reverse order & items being stored & secured for transit to the next location. To clarify the portion of the job duties that includes operate mobile food concessions stand: On a carnival midway, when there is a mobile food concessions, a stand is limited to selling only one or two specific items, such as cotton candy, popcorn, turkey legs, roasted corn, or other specialty foods. The food is prepared in a production line, where an individual may only perform one task, such as measuring corn & oil into a popper. The next individual would salt & bag. The next individual would choose correct bag as per customer order & hand to teller. The next individual would have taken order, taken money, made change & then hands order to client.
Job Classification:
35-3023.00 - Fast Food and Counter Workers

The job/industry classification and description includes general information on the position from ONET/OES and the North American Industry Classification System. Please review Job Duties and Job Order for more information.

Job Requirements

Experience Required:
Special Requirements:
Other Special Skills or Requirements: Post-employment random drug testing and background checks may be required, at no cost to the worker. The job requires the applicant to be qualified, ready, willing, able, and available to perform during the entire employment at the designated worksites; and to follow workplace rules.
Number of Hours Per Week:
Work Schedule (Start/End time):
1:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Employer Information

Company Name:
Phills Concessions
Atlanta, undefined 30338
Telephone Number:


40 Mount Vernon Circle, Atlanta, GA 30338

Job Order Details

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Multiple Worksites:
Additional Wage Information:
Merit increases and/or bonuses may be awarded at employer discretion.
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